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Count Your Blessings Online Boutique was born out of a love of knitting, quilting, sewing, crocheting, cross stitch, and the desire to share my creativity.

A life-long crafter, Kathy has dedicated herself to sharing her talents and teaching the next generation to the rewards of making something by hand. Known throughout grade school, high school and college as “The Girl Always Stitching Something,” is certainly evident, still, today. Kathy walks and knits! She goes to the movies and knits! She attends plays, school functions, and meetings and knits! She even knits while getting her teeth cleaned at the dentist! (Yes, that’s a sight!)

Kathy is happily married, since 1986, and they have four beautiful children, all grown now, who are witness to the degree in which their mother takes on a task, with full enthusiasm and fueled by love.

Kathy’s group of stitching friends hosted a Beehive Boutique in Kathy’s home for two years. It was a HUGE success, and a very popular annual event. The Beehive Boutique took a three year hiatus, but will start up again in 2015! Look for updates for our November 2015 Beehive Boutique! In 2013, Kathy decided that a year-long, open-all-the-time, shop-in-your-pajamas kind of experience was needed. Thus, Count Your Blessings Online Boutique was born!

When Kathy mentioned to her husband, her idea about an online boutique, a fire was ignited! Kathy, with the support of her husband, not only makes all of the items sold on this site, but she does the website upkeep, and has included charitable work in her action plan. Kathy gets great pleasure out of sharing her love of high quality, beautiful hand-work for people who are too busy to make things themselves, and who appreciate the value in something made with love. Her attention to detail and quality is evident, not only in the product line, but in the care and personal touches of shipping an item to its new owner! You will not be disappointed!

All four of the Moss children are creative and artistic, and their dad—Kathy’s husband—is an avid knitter himself!! He took up a few years ago, and hasn’t stopped since! He has produced some of the most wonderful items for the site, and he continues to amaze them with his natural talent! We call his items “ManMade—Literally!” Check out his items for sale! They are the Raymond Moss originals!

The Moss Family is deeply grateful to you, for supporting their small, independently owned, Made-In-America, business.

Thank you for coming along for the ride!

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